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Who Is the One Who Watches?

Stages of Samadhi

When we begin the process of closing our eyes and going within, stuff starts happening. Not in the external world, but on the inside. And when this stuff starts happening, it’s not just one thing that happens and that’s it … Read More


Contemplation: The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time. In the tank, I do not replicate my seated meditation practice, early on I tried to and it just didn’t work. I use it in other ways and … Read More

It’s Not the Tank, It’s You

I often say to customers: “The tank tank will give you what you need.” And i often think to myself before I go in: “So then tank, what are you going to show me today.” And I’m sure for anyone … Read More

The Spaces In-Between

I was recently indulging in my other passion; teaching an ancient branch of yoga philosophy called Kashmir Shivism. Within this tradition, they describe 4 different upayas. These upayas are methods, modes or means of obtaining spiritual liberation. The metaphor I … Read More

Small Study Finds That Flotation “Has an Electrophysiological Signature Comparable to That of Induced Relaxation… but With a More Rapid Onset.”

Comparison of Bispectral Index™ values during the flotation restricted environmental stimulation technique and results for stage I sleep: a prospective pilot investigation, (2017.) Dunham, C. et al In this very small scale study, 1 participate undertook 22 X 1 hour … Read More

Study Says Its OK to Leave the Light on

The presence or absence of light during flotation restricted environmental stimulation: effects on plasma cortisol, blood pressure, and mood (1989.) Fine. H et al. I stumbled across a study from 1989, the results of which I found surprising but which … Read More

Study Confirms that Flotation REST Enhances Sports Performance

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique Improves Human Performance: Rifle Marksmanship (1993.) Barabasz A et al. In this small scale study undertaken in 1993, 24 participants were tested for their rifle marksmanship. They were then allocated into 2 groups (with effort being … Read More

Randomised, controlled trial find that flotation therapy decreases stress, decreases pain, decreases anxiety and depression and increases optimism

Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory isolation in flotation-tank as a preventive health-care intervention – a randomized controlled pilot trial (2014.)  Kjellgre, A & Westman, J This recent study is one of the best I’ve read so far on flotation … Read More

Meta-Analysis Finds Flotation Therapy to Be a “Profound Stress Management Tool”

Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) as a stress-management tool: A meta-analysis (Dierendonck, D & Nijenthuis, J, 2004.) A meta-analysis (when a bunch of clever people get together to look at all previous studies in this area, they look at … Read More