Middle Eastern Platter

Starting to think about the fact that I’ve signed myself up to do the catering for a yoga retreat in June so trying out a few food combos, the kind of stuff that people can help themselves to, plenty of … Read More

(Everything that’s left in the fridge) Warm Winter Salad

So now I’m going to proclaim myself a food genius – look I just did it! But seriously, when I looked in the fridge this week, the day before our food delivery I wasn’t sure I was even going to … Read More

Raw “Snickers” Cheesecake

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. This cake tastes amazing, looks super fancy, is totally raw and isn’t actually that difficult to make. BRING IT ON!!! Ingredients For the base 1 cup raw almonds 1 cup desiccated coconut 250g dates … Read More

Last of The Summer Green Salad with Orange Tahini Dressing

Winter officially arrived this week and I’m thinking that my days of summer salads are numbered. However, with a little bit of spinach still growing in the garden, I wanted to put it to good use! Ingredients (For the salad) … Read More

Randomised, controlled trial find that flotation therapy decreases stress, decreases pain, decreases anxiety and depression and increases optimism

Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory isolation in flotation-tank as a preventive health-care intervention – a randomized controlled pilot trial (2014.)  Kjellgre, A & Westman, J This recent study is one of the best I’ve read so far on flotation … Read More

Middle Eastern Style Salad Bowl with Aubergines, Lentils and Crispy Pittas

This show stopping salad is actually a mixture of 3 dishes which you could rightfully serve separately if you fancied; an aubergine dip I’ve been making for barbecues for years; originally from a River Cottage cookbook, an incredibility great (and … Read More

Vegan Cream 4 Ways

This so easy it hurts. Admittedly, it’s not as sugary sweet as some of the more manufactured brands, instead it has a sort of fromage frais sort if vibe. Here’s how you do it: Start by making Labna (it will take … Read More

Meta-Analysis Finds Flotation Therapy to Be a “Profound Stress Management Tool”

Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) as a stress-management tool: A meta-analysis (Dierendonck, D & Nijenthuis, J, 2004.) A meta-analysis (when a bunch of clever people get together to look at all previous studies in this area, they look at … Read More

Easy Vegan Parmesan

  OK, so are you ready for this.. Get some sesame seeds, lightly toast them (do not burn!) Blend them. Add nutritional yeast to taste. Oh my, it can’t be that easy… it is!

Flotation Therapy for Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

“Promising effects of treatment with flotation-REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) as an intervention for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): a randomized controlled pilot trial” (Jonsson et all,2016) This randomised trial from 2016 sampled 46 volunteers, they were treated with either 12 … Read More