How Flotation Therapy Can: Induce Relaxation, Reduce Stress, Improve Memory, Relieve Pain, Treat Muscle Hypertonicity and Much More (A Research Paper)

Health and therapeutic applications of chamber and flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST)

Although now old, this paper from 1999 is a very interesting read. It reviews research on flotation therapy and groups it’s benefits into 5 main areas:

General Relaxation

Stress reduction

Pain relief

Muscle hypertonicity

And my favourite one; SIDE EFFECTS

The paper states: “One of the most intriguing aspects of (flotation therapy) as a therapeutic intervention is that the desired outcome is frequently not the only beneficial outcome.” As an owner of a flotation tank, I couldn’t agree more. Reasons for walking through my door are varied but as long as one’s mind is open often realised benefits surpass those of expected benefits, particularly with those who float regularly.

So if you are looking for a therapy which can offer you all of the above, book a float today!


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